Process Engineering

Orion’s process engineering department meets all of our clients’ needs from feasibility studies through start-up and commissioning. Our engineers provide clients with a well-documented design for their project and the data needed for Process Safety Management (PSM) compliance. Proprietary calculation worksheets allow us to perform routine calculations efficiently and accurately, leaving ample time to work out difficult design questions that may arise. Additionally, Orion’s collection of process specifications and standards for fabricated equipment allows our engineers to quickly specify equipment.

Orion’s process engineers pride themselves in their scope development skills and delivering practical and safe designs. In addition to their extensive experience, our engineers use the latest technology systems to execute our clients’ designs, including:

  • AFT Fathom and Arrow – used for non-compressible and compressible flow applications, including: calculation of pressure drop; and flow distribution in liquid and low velocity gas piping and ducting systems.
  • Chem-Pak – used for comprehensive thermo-physical properties simulation on a wide range of fluids for AFT’s family of pipe flow modeling software products.
  • PHA Works 5 from Primatech – used for conducting Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) studies, such as HAZOP and What-If studies.

Mechanical Engineering

Orion’s team of mechanical engineers combines the education of the Southeast’s finest universities with the practical knowledge gained only through personal experience in the construction and plant operations environments. Years of construction site experience allow our mechanical engineers to consider constructability issues as the project develops, while their operations experience helps them to consider designs from the client’s perspective. This combination of perspectives produces final projects that are as easy to operate and maintain as they are to build.

Civil/Structural Engineering

Orion’s civil and structural engineering department is experienced in the latest software and technology,  including AutoCad, Microstation, and RISA 3-D Structural Analysis and Design, to provide economical designs, not only in material savings but also in lower construction costs. Our design experience ranges from green field design to retrofitting existing facilities; from structural inspections to environmental analyses. Our civil and structural engineers work with all of Orion’s departments involved in our clients’ projects to maintain consistency in the project timeline and to assure the project is completed within the client’s timeframe. Our engineering professionals are involved in all project logistics along the way in order to plan for any necessary changes that may arise.

Electrical Engineering

The electrical engineering department at Orion has an average experience level of more than 15 years. All of our engineers have worked in plant operations environments, so Orion truly knows how to design with the owner in mind. With a strong and diverse background, we can adhere to any electrical design scope. Orion’s engineers are provided the latest software and technology to meet all of our clients’ needs, including AutoCAD, ETAP and MicroStation. We also work with a number of quality partners to provide controls system configuration and programming.



Orion’s piping team has an average of more than 15 years experience providing services from construction support to the most intricate 3-D designs. We pride ourselves on understanding the level of detail required to transition a design to construction, whether it is a multi-million dollar grass roots facility or just a few details for a larger project.

Orion has the tools needed to execute detailed designs in the most efficient manner possible for piping system layouts and isometrics, equipment arrangements and stack-ups. Working with our mechanical engineers, we ensure that our piping systems are properly supported and that systems requiring stress analysis are thoroughly evaluated.