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Established in February of 2001, Orion Engineers & Constructors is a multi-discipline engineering and construction management firm delivering project services from conceptual design to commissioning, start-up, and construction. Our experience in these services covers the full range of capabilities required for the successful execution of our clients’ important projects. We serve industrial, commercial and government organizations spanning multiple market segments.

Orion’s corporate headquarters is in Mobile, Alabama, with offices also located in Pascagoula, Mississippi,  Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and beyond. We believe our regional presence allows us to work closely with clients across the southeastern United States.

One of our recognized strengths is project planning and development. Our systematic approach and processes provide the reliable scope, budget and schedule information our clients need to make key business decisions with confidence. The cornerstone of our business strategy is to develop long-term relationships with our clients. Orion is proud that 90 percent of our business is derived from our existing clientele base resulting in mutually beneficial relationships. The steady workload from repeat clients enables us to retain talent, while our growing familiarity with clients facilitates our ability to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Commitment to Our Clients

Orion Engineers & Constructors is committed to providing the highest level of professional service with personal attention to each detail of the project. Working for clients in Mobile, Alabama, the Mississippi Gulf Coast and throughout the southeast, we deliver total project definition, identify potential and alleviate certain obstacles, and provide project execution flexibility all while incorporating value-added opportunities from the beginning of a relationship. Through every step of the project our engineers, project managers, and construction team are dedicated to delivering a safely executed, high-quality project, on schedule and within budget.

Commitment to Safety

Orion Engineers & Constructors is committed to being an industry leader in safety performance. We seek to accomplish this goal by establishing progressive safety standards, continuously raising the bar of safety expectations for the company and our employees.

Commitment to Quality

Orion Engineers & Constructors is committed to providing the highest quality engineering and construction services available. Our engineering, project management, and construction services are a benchmark of excellence as demonstrated by our high rate of repeat business. Our work processes and staff knowledge have been proven through years of industry experience. We understand and have a constant awareness of how our quality will affect the project and our client’s bottom line. We never commit to an endeavor without the pledge from our team to work tirelessly and relentlessly toward a successful completion.